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Zachariah’s Acres is more then a destination; it is a place of acceptance where all lives are valued.

We’ve fostered an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can participate in a variety of nature-based activities.

Here is what families & community members are saying about their experience at Zachariah’s Acres:

  • ”Thank you for such a wonderful day. Every aspect that we deal with regarding special needs was addressed. I give the day a 10.” – Sandy, Parent
  • Our participants flourish at Zachariah’s Acres. We see them step out of their comfort zone and succeed in wonderful ways! – Elizabeth, Community Partner
  • “Just when we think we have had the best experience at Zachariah’s Acres, we go back and it tops our last one! You should be very proud of your children/adults. They work so hard every day, but truly blossom when we go to Zachariah’s Acres!” – Gerilyn, Special Education Teacher
  • “The volunteers at Zachariah’s Acres create an atmosphere of dignity for families and children with special needs. Each event is an invitation to our family to come and rest.” – Chris, Parent
  • “I usually cannot take my child to public places, but she was calmed by this beautiful, natural environment.” – Scott, Parent


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