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Zachariah’s Acres grew from the questioning heart of one man who enjoys nature, appreciates the land, and loves rural life.The ministry is named after a boy with physical and cognitive challenges who simply wants to be included, accepted and loved.

timpondsquareWhat would life be like without these experiences?  What can we do to develope  a place where children and families living with disabilities can enjoy outdoor activities in a natural setting?  

To find an answer, caring people including parents, individuals with special health care needs, educators, health care professionals, community members and others gathered to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss possibilities.  A common thread was quickly identified: the overwhelming need for inclusive, nature-based opportunities for children with special needs, and their families.  The idea to enhance a landscape and offer accessibility to nature by building accommodative facilities became the foundation for what would become Zachariah’s Acres.

Zachariah’s Acres launched as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in January of 2012.  Through the generosity of a single family, we were gifted 48 acres of pristine land in Western Waukesha County, including open fields, scenic trails through the woods, ponds and rolling hills.  A Board of Directors was selected, and the work began.