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​The YMCA Service without Boundaries has been a faithful and committed community partner. Participants volunteer on a regular basis washing egg, planting in the gardens, preparing for events, or enjoying a nature walk after a morning of work. From the moment participants step off the bus, their smiles bring joy and laughter to all they encounter. 

“Our program is so honored to partner with Zachariah’s Acres. The adults with disabilities in our program enjoy their time volunteering and interacting with nature in this beautiful place. The chickens are some of our best friends and gathering eggs is a favorite activity. The group also enjoys the gardens—to be a part of the process from planning to planting, weeding, and watering, all the way to harvest. It is amazing to learn how plants grow and to see it in action. Zachariah’s Acres provides amazing opportunities for our group to experience nature, try new things, and learn new skills.”

- Jodi (YMCA)

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